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Marcella grew up in Scott, Saskatchewan. She has studied drawing, oils and watercolors at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina.  Notable instructors have been Otto Rogers, Joan McAnsh, Kay Bould, Heather Spears, Graham Scholes and Judi Betts. Her work has developed while teaching for local community colleges, the Moose Jaw Art Gallery and workshops throughout Saskatchewan. She experiments with a variety of subject matter, but always returns to "images of nature". An attitude of not being content to repeat the tried and predictable but rather, constantly searching with the versatility of watercolors, has increased her awareness and appreciation of art. 

She says, "Working with watercolors is so very stimulating, sometimes rendering a careful composition, other times splashing on color and letting my imagination create a work. However, I always return to the delicate images of nature, recognizing that a moment in time can change an entire scene."    

She was a founding member and the first president of the Aurora Artists Guild in Regina, an association encouraging artists to meet, paint, share knowledge and show their work. While in Nipawin she was a member of the Nipawin Art Club and was assistant director of exhibitions. She was a member of the Moose Jaw Art Guild and the Bridge Artists Co-op. 

Other activities include guest speaker at Saskatchewan Plate Club and Beta Sigma Phi functions highlighting her watercolor paintings and techniques, Thunder Creek teachers' convention workshop to complement the new art curriculum and an art and design display at the Moose Jaw and District High School Career Day.

She has provided drawing and watercolor classes and workshops  through art clubs and area schools across Saskatchewan and British Columbia and at the Moose Jaw Art Gallery.

She is currently a member of the Foothills Art Club, Cochrane, Alberta.



Marcella Wheatley, Canadian Artist

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