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Friday, December 10, 2004
Art guild holds annual exhibition 
Mandy Higgins

 Gallery Show, Marcella Wheatley, Canadian Artist
Marcella Wheatley, left, and Beth Crabb of the Moose Jaw Art Guild look at examples of Wheatley's artwork in the guild's exhibition at the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery.
The annual Moose Jaw Art Guild Exhibition is now on display at the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery.

The exhibit features works by 21 local artists, including paintings, drawings, collages and a sculpture.

Guild members present work they have produced in the last year at the show. It's a way to show the community the group is vital and active, said Beth Crabb, the guilds president.

Guild members meet once a month to discuss current projects, listen to speakers or watch art demonstrations.

Crabb has two watercolour paintings on display at the show. Both depict rock formations, but they are different from one another.

The first painting is a real place. It's along the Churchill River, a place I saw on a canoe trip, she said. The second one is a place in my mind. The two paintings depict similar things, but the contrast in style is evident. The first painting is quite realistic, because it depicts a real place. The second one uses a lot more reflection, air, light.

Marcella Wheatley, an artist who also has two pieces on display at the show, said she was motivated to produce one of the pieces by a demonstration at an art guild meeting, though she had considering using the technique before.

Her piece of scratch art, depicting a bald eagle, was made by coating a clay surface with India ink, then scratching out the image.

Her other piece of art on display is a still-life graphite drawing on paper.

The two pieces are a departure from Wheatley's main body of work, which is primarily watercolour paintings.

These two pieces are examples of some of my recent experiments. I like to try a variety of mediums and subject matter. I find it is helpful when I teach art classes, because it helps me assist students when they want to try different mediums, said Wheatley, who teaches adult painting and children's drawing classes at the gallery.

Wheatley said she chose the pieces for the show because they have a common theme: they both have shades of black, white and grey.

Crabb said the purpose of the guild is to encourage the appreciation and production of original art in the Moose Jaw area.

The group is always looking for new members, and Crabb emphasizes that a member does not need to be an artist.

We welcome anyone who is just interested in art, said Crabb.

All ages of people belong to the 24-member guild, from a 19-year-old man to some women in their 80s.

Wheatley said the guild offers a way for local artists to support each other.

We offer each other encouragement and ideas. Sometimes a member might call me to have a look at something they are working on, or Ill take my work over to a member's house to see what it looks like in a different environment, said Wheatley.

The annual show is evidence of that support and stimulation that's offered by the guild, because you can see the changes and new work that members have tried.

In addition to Wheatley's and Crabb's work, the art guild show has pieces by Irene Banks, Rachel Barkaie, Laura Catling, Jessie Green, Lee Fast, Vivian Brown, Jessica Hanley, Hanne Caleval, Jerry Kaiser, Audrey King, Helen Kushner, Ruby Peltier, Gladys McKenzie, Joan Measner, Yvonne Pearson, Queenie Smith, Pat Stevens, Donald Tuchelt and Karen Whitney.

The show is on display until Jan. 16. For information on the art guild, call Crabb at 692-6667.